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I was taught at a very young age that our hair is our crown. You see, long hair was very sacred to our Native American ancestors. It represents self esteem and self respect, it is a physical extension to things such as aspirations, experiences, hopes and dreams. Since I can remember I have always had long hair. I took great pride in my ability to wear it straight one day and curly the next, I could braid it or throw it in a ponytail to match my outfit or attitude for the day. My hair was very important to me and an extension of all the trials and triumphs I had seen over the years. So imagine my heart ache when I found out that I would have to undergo extensive chemotherapy treatments for a cancer diagnosis at the age of 34, and my hair was expected to fall out completely.

I knew I had to call on my tribe and ask for help. That is exactly what I did and I could not have ever imagined the blessing that would come next.


Twila, who I have known for over twenty years as my teammate, classmate and friend, not only said she would use my real hair to custom build me a wig but that she was going to do it for little to no cost from me.


The day she did my final fitting left me absolutely speechless and full of emotions and tears. It looked exactly like it did before it fell out. Color, length, texture, it was all mine again. Let's talk about comfort too. I usually forget that I am even wearing it.
The precision and time that was spent on this, is what makes it the most special to me though. I know how much work was put into this, just like when your grandmother knits you a blanket, or your mother cooks you your favorite meal, or your sister works tirelessly to put something together that is going to make you feel normal again. You can just feel all the love that was put into thid work.
I could never thank Twila enough for her generosity, her beautiful work, and most of all her beautiful heart and soul.
Her proffesionalism and talent is absolutely unwavering. If you are looking for a hair piece or wig, working with Twila would be the best thing to happen to you.

I absolutely love this brand of hair I received the curly hair. The shine and density are both amazing . I received so many compliments on my hair once I installed it . I received the hair about a year ago and It still looks great. When it straightened it the hair responded just as my natural hair and people were shocked to find out I had extensions. I also have been able to color the hair and the hair still retained it’s integrity. I highly recommend this brand from the presentation and packing of the product, the excellent customer service, to the awesome hair . Milk and Honey is definitely worth the purchase.

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