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Get Your Own Customized Wigs Now!

Schedule an initial consultation (online meeting) with Twila to discuss your requirements and receive personal recommendation on the best service for you. 


Premium signature lace front


Premium lace closure wig

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Permanent parting wig




Customized Wigs: Services

Milk and honey custom lace wig process

1.  Consultation

2.  Once your desired look is established and deposit is paid you will receive video instructions on how to take your head measures and head wrap.

3.  The building of your Milk and honey custom order will begin when 50% of your total is paid in full and the other half will be do when your order is complete.

4.  Completion time is based off your requirements.

1. Milk and honey custom premium Lace closure wig.

These units are perfect for beginners, these units come with 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 fully hand ventilated lace closure parting area of your preference, using high quality transparent lace with each hair strand hand tied into the tiny holes of the lace. Lace closures give those wig wearers that only desire to wear a parting space running from eyebrow to eyebrow or wider depending on preference and a foundation cap to fit and hug your individual head shape, you may choose a permanent parting or a free parting area of your choice. (Consultation is required) Pricing ranges $700+based on requirements. (Completion time 2-4 weeks based on requirements)

2. Milk and Honey custom signature permanent parting wig

This unit is a perfect wig for beginners, this unit comes with a fully hand ventilated frontal unit with a permanent parting area (3x5) or sizing of your choice (prices vary, discussed at consultation) foundation cap to fit and hug your individual head shape. A side or middle parting of your choice with a realistic mimic of the clients own natural hairline, by using high quality transparent front lace with each strand of hair individually hand-tied in the tiny holes of the lace with wefts sewn in the back. Starting price $995.00-1200+ (Completion wig takes about 3-5 weeks based on requirements)

3. Milk and Honey Custom Premium signature lace Front wig

This unit comes with a custom foundation wig cap to fit and hug the clients individual head shape. Transparent front lace, covering the head from ear to ear with each individual hair strands hand-tied in the tiny holes of the lace with wefts sewn in the back, with maximum versatility (free parting within the entire frontal) Starting price $1500+ based on requirements. (Completion of wig 4-8 weeks based on requirements)

4. Milk and Honey Premium Signature Pixie Wig (short units)

These Premium units comes with a custom foundation wig cap to fit and hug the clients individual head shape. Transparent front and back lace made based on the clients overall desired look. Starting price vary based on clients overall desired look, Consultation is required.

5. My medical wig

-Cranial prosthesis Medical wigs are specifically designed for those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments.

Milk and honey custom made lace hair pieces

All custom hair pieces are made with premium transparent lace by hand.

Fully ventilated Closures pieces

225+ based on size and requirements. (Length of hair and hair texture)

Fully ventilated Frontal pieces

$500+ based on requirements. (Length of hair and hair texture)

Crowns $150+ based on size and requirements (length of hair and hair texture)

All Custom-made hair pieces require a consultation

Customized hair pieces are partially ventilated at the hair line and parting area.





Basic HD lace closures and frontals (non-ventilated hair pieces)


and size

Book your virtual consultation via facetime or zoom

1.  Which type of Milk and honey lace unit are you interested in getting?

2.  Have you worn wigs before, if so what kind is your favorite and what do you like most about it?

3.  Which hair texture are you interested in?




4.  What length and style do you desire your wig to be (send inspiration photos)?

5.  Are you experiencing or have experienced any hair loss? If yes, please explain and send photos

6.  Do you want to add hair color, if so what color (send photos)

7.  What tone is your skin completion?

8.  What is your natural hair texture? Ex. (Coarse, coily, curly, straight etc.)

Thank you! We appreciate your interest and excited about your up-and-coming Milk and honey custom lace wig!!! You will be contacted by Twila within 24 hours to book your initial measurements and head mold!