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Let's talk about hair extensions, they have been around for centuries and are only getting more popular, but people still struggle with where and how to find the best hair extensions. From your local beauty supply store to online shops or asking friends which type of hair extensions are worth your coins, you must understand where the hair is coming from and the different processing stages it goes through before it gets into your hands. Before we get started let me introduce myself and tell you the reason why I wrote this book.

My name is Twila I am a cosmologist, Wig designer, and hair distributor and before then I was a customer just like you, spending tons of money on hair extensions that did not meet my expectations. Hair extensions that were advertised as 100 % human were more like 100% fraud. I had gotten tired of wasting my money and being unsatisfied with my hair extensions, always grabbing my comb and having to untangle my hair because it had started to matte or shed! If this sounds like a problem, you’ve had or is currently this book is for you!

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$ 9.99

Hair extensions
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