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Milk & Honey: A Luxury  Hair Brand

Hand ventilated custom made wigs, hair pieces and 100 % Raw unprocessed virgin hair

I wanted to solve more problems that I personally seen in the Beauty Industry, and that was the appearance of unnatural looking lace wigs.

I felt that, if us a women, wanted to wear a wig that It should appear as natural looking as possible no one else should be able to know it was a wig.

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Milk and honey products

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Wigs & Hair Pieces

Wigs & Hair Pieces

Smooth 4 Step Process for Customized Wigs.

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Wig Fitting

About Us

My Journey to become a Cosmetologist and Master Wig Maker:Twila Harvest 

The idea of Hair by Milk and Honey is a result of my own struggle with hair loss and how I managed to cope with the stress and depression of losing hair.

I consulted my dermatologist and found out that the constant stress on the hair follicles from pulling and tugging from braids and using glue from quick weaves and other styles had damaged my hair and stressed out my hair follicles.

My condition of Alopecia was enough to cause me a lot of sadness.  However, I didn’t lose hope and kept looking for a solution to help me with this condition. I switched to taking steroid injections to help regrow my hair. Unfortunately, it was not only ineffective but also an expensive and painful treatment that I couldn’t continue. After suffering this disappointment, I knew I needed a reliable and long-term solution. Read more 

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