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Customized Wig Information 

Key Benefits of Milk & Honey Wigs

Natural Appearance: Hand-ventilated wigs offer a very natural appearance because the hair is individually knotted into the cap, mimicking the way hair grows out of the scalp. This can be especially important for customers who are looking for realistic looking wigs.

Breathability: Hand-ventilated wigs are typically more breathable than machine made wigs because the individual knots allow for better airflow to the scalp. This can help prevent discomfort and irritation, making them a good choice for customers with sensitive scalps.

Customization: Hand-ventilated wigs can often be more easily customized in terms of parting, hair density, and styling options. This can be beneficial for customers who have specific preferences or requirements for their wigs.

Comfort: Hand-ventilated wigs are known for their comfort due to the meticulous hand-knotting process. The lightweight construction and natural movement of the hair can make these wigs very comfortable to wear, which is important for individuals undergoing medical treatments.

Quality: Hand-ventilated wigs are typically made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Investing in hand-ventilated wigs can ensure that you are offering your customers durable and long-lasting products that maintain their natural appearance over time.

Professionalism: Hand-ventilated wigs are often associated with high-end wig making techniques and can be seen as a premium option for customers looking for top quality wigs.

Wig Options & Pricing

Essential Styles Collection

This collection features classic and timeless wig styles that are versatile and suitable for everyday wear. Choose from short pixie cuts, medium-length bobs, and long layered styles in natural colors to match various preferences.

Key Features: Natural hair colors, basic styles, comfortable cap constructions, easy to style, suitable for daily wear.

Ideal For: Clients looking for traditional and versatile wig styles that offer a natural look and easy maintenance.

Pricing: Starting at $899, not including customization and hair costs.

Trendy Colors & Textures Collection

This collection is for clients who want to experiment with fashion colors and different textures. Choose from bold fashion colors, trendy highlights, and varied textures like wavy, curly, or kinky styles.

Key Features: Fashion colors, textured styles, customizable options, vibrant hues, trendy looks.

Ideal For: Clients seeking fashion-forward and expressive wig options to add a unique and stylish touch to their look.

Pricing: Starting at $899, not including customization and hair costs.

Specialty Needs Collection

Explore this collection designed for clients with specific medical conditions such as alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. Find wigs with special features tailored to address unique needs and sensitivities.

Key Features: Specialty designs, gentle materials, sensitive skin-friendly, medical condition-specific features, supportive options.


Ideal For: Clients facing medical-related hair loss seeking specialized wigs that offer comfort, support, and specific solutions for their condition. Insurance options maybe available.

Pricing: Starting at $899, not including customization, hair costs or additional add-ons.

Our wig pricing is transparent and based on key factors that determine the cost of your custom wig. These factors include hair costs, reflecting the quality and type of hair used; customization options tailored to your preferences such as style, color, and special features; labor and expertise invested in handcrafting each wig; and any add-ons like baby hair or custom coloring. By breaking down our pricing in this way, we aim to provide clarity and ensure you understand the value and craftsmanship that go into each wig.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our pricing or customization options – we're here to help you find the perfect wig that exceeds your expectations.

Parting Options

When it comes to wig customization, offering different parting options can greatly enhance the natural look and styling versatility of the wigs. Here are some popular parting options that you can consider incorporating into your ventilated wigs to provide customers with a customized experience:

Middle Part: A middle-part wig features a parting that runs down the center of the wig cap. This classic parting style is versatile and suits a wide range of face shapes


Side Part: A side-part wig has the parting placed on one side of the head, creating a slightly asymmetrical look. This parting style can add volume and dimension to the hair.

Deep Side Part: A deep side-part wig features a dramatic parting placed further to one side of the head, creating a more pronounced and stylish look.

Free Part: A free part wig allows the wearer to part the hair in any direction they prefer, offering maximum flexibility in styling. This option gives the wearer the freedom to change the parting as desired.

Curved Part: A curved parting follows a curved or zigzag pattern instead of a straight line, adding a unique and stylish touch to the wig.

Crown partings: are found near the crown area creating a natural swirl mimicking a cowlick adding a natural growth pattern and realism.

Hair Origins

We offer an exquisite selection of hair origins and coloring options to help you find the ideal wig that suits your unique style. Understanding the characteristics of each hair type and available coloring options can guide you in selecting the perfect match.


Discover our premium collection below:

Slavic Hair: Indulge in the luxurious softness and natural shine of Slavic hair, sourced from Eastern European countries. Our Slavic hair is available in a range of stunning shades, including platinum blonde, honey blonde, and light brown. Elevate your look with the elegance and manageability of Slavic hair in your preferred color.


Indian Hair: Embrace the strength and versatility of Indian hair, known for its thickness and vibrant luster. Choose from an array of color options such as natural black, dark brown, and chestnut. Whether you prefer a sleek straight look or voluminous curls, Indian hair offers the perfect coloring options to enhance your style.

Mexican Hair: Discover the diversity of Mexican hair, with textures ranging from straight to curly and shades of brown and black. Our Mexican hair collection features rich color choices including chocolate brown, espresso, and jet black. With its thickness and strength, Mexican hair provides durability and style in your preferred color selection.


Consider your desired look, preferred coloring, and styling needs when selecting the perfect hair origin for your wig. Our expert team is here to assist you in finding the right match that complements your individual beauty and style. For personalized recommendations or assistance in choosing the ideal coloring options for your wig, feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction and confidence in your choice are our utmost priorities. Elevate your style with premium quality hair origins and coloring options from Milk & Honey Beautique LLC. Choose authenticity, choose excellence, choose the perfect wig that reflects your unique personality.

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