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Tailored Confidence: Custom Medical-grade Wigs for Your Journey

Welcome to Milk and Honey Beautique!


We're proud to provide the finest raw hair extensions and hand-knotted wigs available. Led by our Master Wigmaker, Twila Harvest, whose global journey has refined her craft, each of our creations reflects unparalleled craftsmanship.


Customized Wigs

Indulge in personalized beauty with our tailor-made Custom Wigs service.

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Hair Extensions &  More

Enhance your natural beauty with our carefully curated selection of Hair Extensions 

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Behind the Scenes

Featured products and services

Medical Wigs

We understand not all wigs and hairpieces are an accessory but many are necessities. By offering a wide variety of Medical wigs, handcrafted by a master wig maker, you’ll be sure you’re receiving the highest quality prosthesis on the market. Schedule your consultation to discuss the variety of options available. Also, we will guide you step by step to get your medical wig covered by your health care insurance provider.


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